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Why Choose Upholstery Over Buying New Furniture?

It’s clear to see that we, as a society, have moved past the former norm of repairing our belongings when they broke or became worn.

Nowadays, goods are not meant to last, and consumer culture means that no matter what it is, when it’s broke, we simply buy a new one. Despite this being the new normal, constantly buying new things to replace the old is expensive as well as wasteful. Oftentimes people dispose of goods and belongings that they really loved, unaware that there are services out there to help repair broken and pre-loved belongings. Upholstering is an industry that has this value at the core of everything it does.

Upholstery in Dublin

Upholstery is an age-old industry focused on breathing new life into old, worn or broken furniture. Furniture is the thing that makes your house a home, allowing you to show your individual style through unique and carefully curated pieces. Oftentimes, it can be devastating when your favourite piece of furniture breaks or becomes old or aged looking. Rather than throwing away your beloved piece and buying a new one, why not invest in some high-quality upholstering services? Here at Royal Upholstery, we provide professional Dublin upholstery services for customers in the city and surrounding areas. Our aim is to professionally restore and repair your furniture, allowing you to save money without having to compromise on the style of your home décor.

Benefits of Upholstery

As well as allowing you to maintain your favourite furniture pieces, there are many other benefits to getting your furniture upholstered. Here at Royal Upholstery, our Dublin upholstering services work out far cheaper than the cost of buying new furniture, meaning that you save money while restoring the integrity and look of your old pieces. By working with old and vintage furniture, you will receive truly unique, restored pieces that will make your home décor stand out. Alongside the money-saving benefits of Dublin upholstery, by investing in services from our skilled upholsterers, tailors, and Dublin leatherettes, you can rest assured that you have produced less waste than there would have been if your furniture had gone to landfill.

What Type of Upholstery Do You Provide

When it comes to Dublin upholstery, variety is key in ensuring that your furniture is restored beautifully. The team at Royal Upholstery are experts when it comes to upholstery and furniture repair services, with a range of materials and techniques available to suit your specific requirements and specifications. As well as providing felt and foam upholstering services, our Dublin leatherettes service offers leatherette upholstering for modern, sleek, and professional upholstering services with an edge. Alongside our range of upholstering services, the team provides repairs for all types of furniture including sofa repairs Dublin, antique furniture repairs, leather and leatherette repairs, ottoman repairs, table and chair repairs, and more. For a one-stop-shop for all repairs and reupholstering services, why not pop into our store or call today?

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