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Antique Furniture Repair

Do you have a piece of beautiful or sentimental antique furniture that’s looking a bit worse for wear? Seeing a piece of antique furniture falling into disrepair can be disappointing, but Royal Upholstery Ltd can bring your old, antique and vintage furniture back to life. 

Our team of master upholsterers can restore your vintage furniture back to its former glory, no matter how worn it is. We can work on couches, chairs, chaise longs, ottomans, and more, restoring period finishes as desired. If you would rather we revamped your antique furniture to give it a modern edge, we can collaborate with you to make your vision a reality.

When upholstering and repairing antique furniture, Royal Upholstery Ltd takes great care in working delicately and carefully to beautifully restore your furniture pieces without causing any damage or major change to your piece. We have a range of materials and upholstering services to choose from, and also offer a full cushioning, foam installation and repair services which will have your antique vintage furniture back to great condition in no time.

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Our Antique Furniture Repairs Include

Antique Furniture Repair

  • Antique Chair Repair

  • Antique Sofa Repairs

  • Antique Table Repairs

  • Antique Cabinet Repairs

  • Antique Ottoman Repairs

  • Antique Outdoor Furniture Repairs

  • Antique Headboard Repair

  • Antique Window Seat Repairs

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