• 05/10/2023 0 Comments
    Revitalise Your Living Space: The Benefits of Sofa Reupholstery

    Are you wondering about the benefits of sofa reupholstery? Is sofa reupholstery a cost-effective renewal option? How does sofa reupholstery offer customisation and personalisation options? Or is sofa reupholstery eco-friendly and sustainable? Our Royal Upholstery Ltd team has pulled together the sofa reupholstery benefits.

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  • 23/06/2023 0 Comments
    Things to Consider When Doing Couch Reupholstery: A Guide to Revitalising Your Furniture

    Are you in search of the best company for couch reupholstery? Are you looking for professionals with the expertise to handle your upholstery needs? What about a reputable company that sources high-quality fabrics for a stunning transformation? Look no further than Royal Upholstery Ltd. Building Maintenance! Our team of skilled upholsterers has compiled all the information you may need to know when considering couch reupholstery. In this blog post, we will explore three essential points to consider to ensure a successful and satisfying reupholstery project.

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  • 22/05/2023 0 Comments
    Antique Furniture Repairs: Your Questions Answered

    As one of Ireland's most established furniture restoration specialists, we are often given beautiful pieces of antique furniture to repair. Some of these pieces may be a treasured family heirloom.

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  • 14/02/2023 0 Comments
    Chair Upholstery: All Your Questions Asked

    As one of Ireland's most established and experienced upholstery companies, we have reupholstered hundreds of chairs. Our experience extends to sitting room chairs, dining room chairs, etc. Inevitably our clients have questions about our chair upholstery services. Therefore, for the convenience of all our clients, we have compiled some of the most common questions below. Please get in touch with us today if you have more enquiries regarding your upholstery needs.

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  • 12/01/2022 0 Comments
    Sofa Upholstery- How It’s Done

    For most people, the sofa is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the home and is also one of the most used.

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  • 20/11/2020 0 Comments
    Choosing the Best Material for Your Sofa Reupholstery Service

    One of the best parts of upholstering your sofa or chairs is that you can choose exactly what kind of material, texture, colour, and pattern that you want on your furniture. Reupholstery can breathe new life into your old furniture, offering a modern and quirky alternative to your worn or dated sofas and chairs.

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  • 15/05/2020 0 Comments
    How Can Upholstered Furniture Benefit Your Home?

    With increasing emphasis around sustainability, pollution, and environmental consciousness in the media and online, people are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint and how they may be contributing to the detrimental effects on the environment. Did you know, that the average person living in Ireland produces a massive 580kg of waste per year?

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  • 09/04/2020 0 Comments
    Why Choose Upholstery Over Buying New Furniture?

    It’s clear to see that we, as a society, have moved past the former norm of repairing our belongings when they broke or became worn.

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  • 09/01/2020 0 Comments
    Professional Upholstery In Dublin – Royal Upholstery

    Professional upholstery can be hard to come by these days and when handing in your furniture to be worked on, you need to know it is in the safe hands of someone who has the necessary experience. Based in Dublin 5, we at Royal Upholstery are specialists in all aspects in all aspects of domestic upholstery and commercial upholstery and have been proudly serving clients throughout Dublin for over three decades.

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  • 08/10/2019 0 Comments
    Restoring Sentimental, Odd, or Antique Furniture – Royal Upholstery

    Many of our customers here at Royal Upholstery bring furniture to us which they classify as being either sentimental, odd, or antique, classifications which generally mean extra care and attention is required when performing upholstery work.

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