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Sofa Upholstery- How It’s Done

For most people, the sofa is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the home and is also one of the most used.

Whether you want to revamp your sofa on a budget or simply love your suite too much to replace it with a new one, upholstering is a great way of breathing new life into furniture in a budget-friendly and sustainable manner. Here at Royal Upholstery, sofa reupholstery is one of our most popular services. Here’s how we do it, transforming your old and worn-out sofa into a beautiful, modern, and comfortable piece of furniture again.

What is Upholstery?

At its most basic, upholstery refers to the materials, foam, fabric, webbing, springs, and padding that makes up the coverings and inside of soft furniture. As most soft furniture is manufactured for comfort, durability, and structural longevity, there are many important parts that make up chairs, sofas, ottomans, and futons etc. Reupholstery aims to replace and repair these parts to boost the longevity and enhance the comfort, of your soft furnishings. Upholstery is a practise that has been around for hundreds of years, saving clients money while transforming their existing furniture into cosy, trendy, and modern pieces. From hole repairs to cushion re-plumping, upholsterers are experts in all things soft furnishings.

Choosing Your Sofa Upholstery Service

As aforementioned, there’s very little that upholsterers don’t do when it comes to sofa upholstery. From small hole and tear repairs to full couch reupholstering, upholsterers take on jobs large and small. After choosing your upholstery service, your upholsterer will work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure the service you book matches them. The relationship between client and upholsterer is vital, helping your upholsterer to offer a bespoke service that will bring your sofa, armchair, or full suite back to its former glory with ease. Examples of the consultation services offered by a sofa upholsterer include picking fabric, picking the depth of cushion foam and padding, options for tear repairs, and more. All in all, the upholsterer should give you a good overall idea of what your sofa will look like when you come back to pick it up from the workshop after it's been reupholstered.

Getting To Work- The Sofa Reupholstery Service

What happens next generally varies from one upholstery service to another, but most upholsterers will carefully take apart your sofa to its bare bones for major reupholstering works. Using specialist tools and professional techniques, fabric, padding, foam, springs, and structural parts will be removed and then repaired and/or replaced. Similarly, when putting the piece back together or reupholstering, your upholsterer will use specialist tools to help them with this. Examples of these tools include staple guns, pliers, mallets, upholstery needles, specialist sewing scissors, and more. A delicate touch and specialised technique is vital. After replacing foam and padding, repairing structural damage, and replacing the fabric on your sofa, your upholstery service is finished and your furniture is ready for use again.

While all upholsterers work slightly differently, there are basic techniques, practises, and customer service protocols you should look out for to ensure that you receive a top-class sofa reupholstery service for your couch and furniture suites. If you’re looking for Dublin sofa reupholstery, chair reupholstery, or furniture repairs, contact the Royal Upholstery team today. We’d be happy to help.

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