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Restoring Sentimental, Odd, or Antique Furniture – Royal Upholstery

Many of our customers here at Royal Upholstery bring furniture to us which they classify as being either sentimental, odd, or antique, classifications which generally mean extra care and attention is required when performing upholstery work.

Due to the unique nature of these furniture pieces, customer often have additional queries relating to them. Having been in the upholstery industry for over three decades, we have amassed a few tips relating to sentimental, odd, or antique furniture which we would like to share with you.

Sentimental Furniture

When an item is brought to us and described as sentimental, we immediately recognise the need for restoring the piece in a way that is true to its original aesthetic. Sentimental value is amongst the top reasons why people opt to reupholster their old furniture and, we find, many of our customers are actually surprised by how well a sentimental piece can be restored – often looking as if it has been created brand new.

Odd Furniture

Odd furniture pieces tend to be ones people have picked up in less than likely places; charity shops, antique stores, etc. As such, these pieces will generally be ‘one of a kind’ and will require a specialised approach to restore them without losing any of their character. When an odd furniture piece is brought to us, we take extra care to note any unique patterns and fabrics.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture pieces tend to feature extraordinary craftsmanship and will either hold or increase their value. These timeless pieces require expert upholstery to maintain them in pristine condition without altering the look and feel of the furniture.

Bring your sentimental, odd, or antique furniture pieces to us here at Royal Upholstery to have them restored.

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