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How Can Upholstered Furniture Benefit Your Home?

With increasing emphasis around sustainability, pollution, and environmental consciousness in the media and online, people are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint and how they may be contributing to the detrimental effects on the environment. Did you know, that the average person living in Ireland produces a massive 580kg of waste per year?

If you’re throwing away furniture, think of how many extra kgs you’re adding to this figure! Oftentimes, furniture that is not sold or sent on to charity shops ends up in landfill, which is not only wasteful but is also dangerous to the environment, creating a waste build-up that really doesn’t need to be there. If you want to change around your furniture, but don’t want to contribute to this needless waste, why not consider upcycling your furniture with the help of Royal Upholstery?

Dublin Furniture Upcycling

Did you know that the upholstery industry is largely focused on breathing new life into old pieces of furniture? Here at Royal Upholstery, we pride ourselves on transforming old, tired, and drab pieces of furniture into stylish pieces that you can be proud of in your home. As well as offering material upholstering services, we provide Dublin furniture repairs including vintage furniture repairs, with no job too big or small. We can bring new life and style into even the most boring and dated furniture, creating new and unique pieces for you to be proud of in your home. Why not give it a go?

Living Room Furniture Dublin

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home, providing a tranquil and comfortable space for the whole family to relax in. Comfort is key when it comes to living rooms, which is why we offer repairs, upholstering, and re-foaming services to suit all types of living room furniture, including sofas, armchairs, poufs, and ottomans. Rather than buying a new suite of furniture for your living room, why not contact Royal Upholstery today and see how we can help? We provide professional upcycling services for living room furniture in Dublin and the surrounding areas from our HQ in Dublin 5. You could leave our store with your old living room furniture looking good as new- it’s incredible what a material re-upholster, thick re-foaming service, and deep clean can do!

Kitchen Furniture Dublin

Everyone wants to have the perfect kitchen in their home, which is why it can be enticing to take a trip to the nearest furniture store and spend massive amounts of money on the latest furniture trends. As well as offering upholstery services, the team at Royal Upholstery specialise in furniture repairs, offering professional repairs and upcycling services for your old kitchen furniture. Rather than buying a totally new kitchen, why not redesign your existing cabinets, table and chairs by investing in repairs, reupholstering, and repainting from our team? Not only will you save a massive amount of cash, but your kitchen will be a truly unique one that suits your style and taste perfectly.

Bedroom Furniture Dublin

The average person spends one-third of their life sleeping, which is why it’s important to have a comfortable bedroom to wind down in at the end of every day. If your bed or bedroom furniture is feeling lumpy, drab, or dated, why not hire Royal Upholstery to help? We can re-foam mattresses and chairs to have them feeling full and comfortable again, and offer full repairs and re-upholstery services to all types of bedroom furniture including night-stands, ottomans, poufs, and more. We even provide specialist antique furniture repairs services, meaning that we can breathe new life into the oldest and most worn antique furniture, giving you peace of mind that your existing bedroom furniture will stand the test of time.

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